[PROPOSAL #25] Neutrality Upgrade

The Neutron v1.1.0 software upgrade proposal is scheduled to go on-chain at the end of October 2023, with the upgrade then taking place in the middle of November following the 14 day voting period (if approved). Please note this timeline is subject to change according to the completion of a successful audit.

Testing and Testnets

Before the mainnet upgrade, the pion-1 testnet will first be upgraded to v1.1.0 around the middle of October.

Before that, the v1.1.0 release will undergo rigorous testing including unit tests, integration tests and tests on a local mainnet fork to test the upgrade in an environment as similar as possible to mainnet.

Release contents

:bulb: A final release content and change log will be provided closer to the on-chain proposal.

The upgrade will include the following changes and updates to the Neutron codebase:

:point_right: Integrate Duality into Neutron:

  • A novel mechanism design which combines the computational efficiency of AMMs and flexibility of order books; enabling development of fair, efficient, open markets.

:point_right: Upgrade from Cosmos SDK 0.45 to the Cosmos SDK 0.47:

  • SDK forked to backport optimized slashing missed blocks calculation from sdk v0.50
  • Upgrade to CometBFT.
  • Support for ABCI 1.0 in the SDK, allowing chains to set their own mempool implementation.
  • Deprecation of the [[x/params]](https://docs.cosmos.network/v0.47/modules/params) module. (Module params are currently handled directly by the modules themselves, via the MsgUpdateParams message).
  • Upgrade to ibc-go v7.
  • Other minor technical changes and improvements.

:point_right: Add Skip Protocol’s Protocol-Owned Builder (POB):

  • A set of Cosmos SDK and ABCI++ primitives , which enable application developers to define how their apps construct and validate blocks on-chain in a transparent, enforceable way; such as giving complete control to the protocol to recapture, control, and redistribute MEV.

:point_right: Update Wasmd module to v0.42.0:

  • Enable instantiate2 feature - instantiate addresses at a predictable contract address.
  • Smart-contract binary size limit increased from 800KB to 3MB.
  • Other technical changes and improvements.

:point_right: Integrate globalfee module

  • Enforce setting of minimum gas prices between validators.

:point_right: Update the Tokenfactory module:

  • Enable BankHooks features to call smart-contracts on token transfers.
  • Fees on Tokenfactory token creation are removed, allowing tokens to be created on Neutron completely free of charge.

:point_right: Refactor and improve Interchain Transactions and ContractManager module:

  • Make ICA usage more convenient, safe and predictable for smart-contract developers.
  • Easily get an error of your Sudo execution call from the ContractManager.
  • RegisterInterchainAccount forces contract developers to pay a fee to create an Interchain Account (ICA) on remote chains via the ICTX module.

Is Duality similar to UniswapX?

what does the gtm strategy of duality look like?

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will there be a frontend for interacting with it directly or is it infastructure that other teams can build on top of? is there an incentive program planned out?