Best Practice for Proposals


:point_right: To make proposal-writing easier, topics in each subcategory come with a template for formatting your content.

:point_right: You should following the standard conventions for naming and categorising your topics.

Tips for effective proposal making

:point_right: Socialize the idea (e.g. on Discord, Telegram and/or Twitter, or by arranging calls with stakeholders) before going on-chain.

:point_right: Because proposals can’t be changed once they move on-chain it’s important to solicit as much feedback and editorial comments from stakeholders as possible before setting it in stone.

:point_right: Include links to any preceeding forum post (so that people can come read the discussion and contribute once the proposal is on-chain)

:point_right: We recommend keeping a proposal open for discussion for at least two weeks before going on-chain. In this time you may want to hold public conversations to answer more questions, such as using a Twitter Spaces call (you can contact the Neutron team on Telegram or Discord and we’ll help to get you more visibility).

:point_right: Before moving on-chain be sure to publicly announce a last call for feedback and state what day you’re planning to go on chain. People are more likely to provide feedback when they are given a deadline.

:point_right: There is no hard rule that’s enforced, but use your judgement to ensure you’ve received adequate feedback before putting on chain.

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