[IDEA] A simple suggestion (Timewave / Equilibrium crew)


I think that it’s impossible to discount the skills of the people who came forward with the rebalancer concept, and then suggested that they do it without timeweave.

These are highly skilled engineers.

I do not know if timeweave currently has engineering team members. Therefore, I wish to humbly and politely offer a suggestion to both teams:

Work together for the long-term good of neutron.

When I spoke to @hxrts I wasn’t really sure about the ask, but his answers to my questions immediately convinced me.

What he said made perfect sense to me, he said that’s what we’re worth, and we’re going to deliver far more value to Neutron and to AEZ because we know how to do this because we designed it.

I agree with him.

I also think that we just saw a crew of deeply skilled builders show up and make a proposal to build a critical piece of timeweave / “allocator”.

So my proposal to both teams Is that they collaborate on this work.

this is not a gov prop it is just a suggestion

I know with an extremely high degree of certainty that the bandits who came forth saying that they will build the rebalancer for far less money, are not actually bandits but are in fact highly skilled software engineers.

I also have a firm grip on what I think the entire allocator model means to neutron, and even to Cosmos as a whole.

I want all of it to succeed and by the way I want to retain these incredible developers in the ecosystem.

Therefore, I humbly submit my suggestion that the two teams collaborate toward the same goals.