[APPROVED] [PROPOSAL #12] Duality Protocol Merger

The proposal is expected to be submitted on chain shortly.

A dedicated multisig has been created to custody the funds for the proposed merger, should it be approved by the Neutron DAO.

The multisig address is neutron1y2vwvwfz4qm8yzlvj4xehwlgqu3haurvnwd967
Its balance and transaction history can be observed on mintscan.

Duality Merger Sig (2/3) neutron1y2vwvwfz4qm8yzlvj4xehwlgqu3haurvnwd967
Andrei Zavgorodnii (Hadron Labs) neutron1h8vf3ueml7ah7m8z9e6vx09trq5lv2fw9e049f
Avril Dutheil (Hadron Labs) neutron1cpy2gpwc8lphzyczderwma2rt5nqdmvtyyl26f
Kai Tiurin (Hadron Labs) neutron1tkavhfqt8358vl74z7r5kdkdy05s98yka0gl0t